How to save money with spare CNG/CBG fuelling nozzles

How to save money with spare CNG/CBG fuelling nozzles

A set of spare CNG/CBG filling nozzles significantly reduces costly downtime on your pumps

A broken handle on one or more of the gas pumps at your filling station means your customers may have to wait in line for a pump that works.

This is a source of irritation and a waste of money for drivers and their employers. If the next gas filling station is not far, drivers may take their refuelling business there.

You can avoid this situation with an extra set of filling nozzles for compressed natural gas or compressed biogas.

Keep all your pumps operational 24/7/365 with a spare set of nozzles
Keep all your pumps operational 24/7/365 with a spare set of nozzles

Keep your customers and bottom line happy with extra nozzles

If your business is within the refuse collection or transport sector, and you operate a fleet of e.g. garbage trucks or city buses, you are probably fully aware that your filling pump equipment must function reliably around the clock, all year round.

This means you have implemented a routine of sending your fuelling nozzles for regular service and maintenance rather than wait until they break.

If you operate a public CNG/CBG filling station for lorries, service vans, public service cars, etc. your business can also benefit from introducing a stock of nozzles.

These are just a few advantages of periodic service checks:

  • Keep all your pumps operational 24/7/365
  • Reduce costly downtime and keep your customers happy
  • Maintain a high CNG/CBG output volume on all your pumps
  • Save money with a regular maintenance scheme rather than costly repairs

If your filling station has a great number of refuellings you may even consider having your nozzles checked twice a year. But in most cases an annual check will do.

Keep a stock of spare CNG/CBG filling nozzles, send a complete set of nozzles for an annual service check, and reduce costly downtime
Keep a stock of spare CNG/CBG filling nozzles, send a complete set of nozzles for an annual service check, and reduce costly downtime
How does a setup with spare nozzles work?

By stocking a full set of spare nozzles you can send a complete set of fuelling nozzles to a CNG/CBG workshop for an annual service check.

All your pumps are kept operational with a spare set of nozzles.

How much is replaced during a service check?

This greatly depends on the service company you choose. Some companies have a policy of replacing components that are not yet due for replacement.

At SHEREX we only repair what needs to be repaired.

One part we always do replace is the O-ring.

Apart from this, our policy is not to replace parts that are fully functional and in good working condition. This way we keep your costs down.

Who performs service and maintenance of parts?

Several companies in the CNG/CBG field who offer repairs, service, and maintenance are not certified to carry out repair work themselves.

They have to send the parts to certified companies in e.g. United Kingdom or Czech Republic.

At the European Service Centre at SHEREX in Denmark our highly skilled service engineers perform all repairs themselves.

To ensure the highest quality we use the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment in our workshop. Needless to say, your parts are always carefully tested prior to delivery.

SHEREX is fully certified to repair CNG/CBG equipment which means short turnaround time and 100% guarantee of safety.

How long does a service check take?

With non-certified service companies your parts spend a lot of time in transit to and from third party workshops. This is costly in time and money – additional freight costs, extended lead times, etc.

SHEREX is your one-stop shop!

You send your parts to our European Service Centre in Copenhagen, we fix them in our workshop and return them to you. No costly intermediate stages involved.

Moreover, we maintain a comprehensive stock of components to keep the turnaround time short.

This means that for the most part we will repair and return your fuelling nozzles and other parts within 2-3 weekdays.

What does a service check cost?

This depends on how many parts must be replaced and the price of components.

Some service companies have a policy of replacing parts that still have a long service life. Some keep a high profit margin on components.

At SHEREX we keep the business of our customers top of mind.

We do not replace parts that are clearly fully operational and safe to use. Moreover, we keep our profit margin on components low.

Find out how you can best introduce a system of spares for your fuelling nozzles!

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