Stäubli Breakaways

Inline safety breakaway BRW 08
Positioned in the refueling hose, so that the hose will break away if the car drives away with the nozzle connected.

Designed for:

  • Fast fill of all types vehicles
  • Time fill of heavy duty vehicles

Automatic disconnection
Regardless of whether the system is pressurized or depressurized.

Reusable without factory re-servicing
Simple and manual with a specific reconnection Tool.

Upon disconnection of the breakaway
The flow from the compressor is stopped instantaneously by a check valve. The check valve on the vehicle closes automatically, preventing flow from the tank.

Safety and long life
Due to the closing of the valve before disconnection (no shocks at disconnection).

Number of possible reconnections: 100


OPW Breakaways


  • reliable construction
  • compact
  • optional assembly of inline breakaway and ventline breakaway

Download OPW Breakaways flyer (pdf)

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