Sherex has developed a new slow-fill CNG and CBG dispenser

The dispenser is designed to fuel different kinds of vehicles running either on natural gas (CNG) or compressed biogas (CBG).

  • Stand alone design
  • 2in1 design makes it easier for two users to use the dispenser at the same time
  • All 304 or 316SS corrosion resistant body and fittings
  • Easy set-up
  • Standard solution with many possiblitis
  • Hose retractor
  • NGV type1 and 2 available
  • Payment system not included

Danish designer behind CNG and CBG dispenser

rune balle design is a design office located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. The company which is multifaceted, creative and network based, is owned by designer Rune Balle. As its core business, the company creates innovative products of industrial and aesthetic character within a broad spectrum – for example the NORDKAP compressor houses and the CNG and CBG dispensers.

“Design should move, must surprise and from the premise “keep it simple” meet the goal of minimizing costs and optimizing functionality without compromising on the aesthetics”

Read more about the designer and the design here:

The Sherex product range is designed by the Danish designer Rune Balle
Please contact us for more information about customization and options.