Compressed Natural Gas, 
Compressed Biogas
CNG and CBG are both methane based gases.
CNG, like gasoline it comes from underground.
CBG is made from fermented waste or other biological material, thus making it a CO2 neutral fuel.
Methane is a gas and must be compressed and stored in pressure vessels in the vehicles.
Sherex Europe products are all suitable for CBG as well as CNG.
Clean environment
Methane has been found to be one of the most environmentally friendly fuels, and its popularity is growing. The fuel is mostly made up of methane, the other approx. 5 percent is made up of various gases. Because of its clean burning nature, and the fact that it is not made from petroleum, as petrol and diesel are, many car manufacturers around the world are developing vehicles to run on methane based technology.
Methane is available all over the world, either as a by-product from oil excavation, from direct natural gas wells or as purified biogas made from organic waste.
Compressed Biogas (CBG) is becoming an important part of the offerings for CO2 neutral fuel for vehicles.