Coltri compressors

Coltri Compressors is a leading supplier of high-pressure compressors, fire-fighting compressors and CNG compressors. Coltri Compressors’s gas compressors range from the small portable compressor of the MCH 5 series, with a flow rate of 100 l/min. and a pressure of 200 bars, to the more powerful compressor for large refilling centers, such as the MCH24 with a flow rate of 300 l/min. and a maximum pressure of 250 bars.

Our primary bestseller compressor: MCH 14 EVO CNG

  • Refuelling time: 80 L (11,5 kg) 0/200 Bar, 1 hour
  • Refuelling nozzle: NGV1 attachmet suitable  up to 300 bar and breakaway
  • Charging rate: 265 L/min , 15,9 n3/h
  • Opreating pressure: 200-250 Bar
  • Motor: Three phaseelectric
  • Suction pressure min/max: 5 mbar-300mbar
  • Noise:70 db (1 m distance)
  • Power: 5,5 kW /400V-50Hz)

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